About the GreenHome™ and Cherokee

At Cherokee, we are passionate about health and the environment. After years of research, we are building the Mainstream GreenHome™, an environmentally friendly demonstration home that is designed to look and feel like a traditional home while using less energy, conserving more water, and providing a healthier living environment. Building green can take place anywhere. The Mainstream GreenHome is being built in a conventional, established neighborhood in Raleigh, North Carolina.

The GreenHome is designed to showcase the appeal of green building to the average American homebuyer in two ways: first, by showing that living green improves our quality of life in a number of ways, and then by demonstrating the new products and technological innovations that are making sustainable living more attractive and feasible than ever before. The Mainstream GreenHome aims to guide the national homebuilding community toward healthier, high-performance design and construction while encouraging the public to embrace the many emerging opportunities to live in an ecologically sensitive way.

Cherokee’s Story

Cherokee is an international private equity firm that specializes in the sustainable revitalization of contaminated real estate or “brownfields.” We acquire contaminated properties, remediate them and work with a variety of stakeholders to implement a redevelopment plan that returns the properties to productive use. For more than 10 years, Cherokee’s primary focus has been on the horizontal redevelopment of its sites – pollution remediation, ground improvements, infrastructure and master planning. Of equal importance to the remediation of polluted sites are the environmental and health impacts produced by the homes, businesses and recreational facilities built on our properties.  Our increased focus on the built environment has led us to implement sustainable design measures at our sites with specific attention to green building. Our commitment to positively influencing the built environment is embodied in the GreenHome—a showcase home designed to display new ideas for better building. The sustainable features and systems demonstrated in this home will help to educate consumers, manufacturers, and homebuilders around the country, and influence the way homes are built.  

As the world’s largest firm specializing in sustainable brownfield redevelopment, Cherokee has remediated and redeveloped or restored 5,000 acres of land in North America and Europe and helped preserve nearly 20,000 acres of green space by reusing land. Cherokee is committed to bringing green building principles and sustainable design features to the land under our care, and we aim to dramatically change the environmental and health impacts of our buildings through the use of innovative, sustainable products and systems.

Why Build the GreenHome?

Cherokee’s Mainstream GreenHome is a concerted effort to convince the building community and homeowners that green homes are economically attractive, environmentally beneficial, comfortable and beautiful.  Through increased awareness we hope the GreenHome will help dispel many of the common misconceptions that green homes and sustainable features are prohibitively expensive, look unconventional, or lack the conveniences and comforts typically associated with a traditional lifestyle.

We believe green building is a pivotal change in the way we build –not a wave of the future  but a smart way of building now.

Consider a few statistics:

  • In 2005, 20% more homebuilders began focusing approximately 15% of their construction on green building.according to a survey administered by McGraw-Hill Construction/National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). 
  • The U.S. Green Building Council has seen a 60% annual growth rate (2001-2005) in the number of applications received to certify buildings as meeting  LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building guidelines. 
  • Approximately 60 cities, states and federal agencies have adopted the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED green building guidelines for construction of new public buildings, or have created incentives to encourage private developers to do the same. 
  • Forecasts predict that green building in the residential sector is likely to grow from a $7.4 billion market in 2005 to a $38 billion market in 2010—more than a five-fold increase according to research conducted by McGraw-Hill, NAHB and LEED.

Green building may seem innovative today, but we believe it should be the new standard of quality construction as homes are built on Cherokee’s sites.

For more information about Cherokee, please visit our Web site or contact us at (919) 743-2500.