Project Introduces Unique Eco-Friendly Cabinets to Mainstream

Raleigh, N.C. – As part of its continuing effort to make green building mainstream, Koch environmentally-friendly cabinets – the only green cabinets of its kind that are raised panel and traditionally designed – were selected and installed recently in the Mainstream GreenHomeTM by Potters Mill Design.  The home, being built by Cherokee, is an “idea home” aimed at reshaping the way average homebuyers and builders think about construction by popularizing green products and processes.

“Our involvement in the GreenHome project has introduced us to a number of distributors that have recognized the increasing awareness of the importance of green products,” said Jim Koch, president of Koch Cabinets.  “The industry sees that this is more than just a trend; green homebuilding is truly on its way to being mainstream.”

The Koch Humabuilt cabinets are manufactured using wheat board and are formaldehyde free – an important characteristic because of traditional cabinetry’s damaging impact on indoor air quality and nonrenewable resources, both of which are largely unknown to most homeowners.  Cabinets in a home can be the largest contributor to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulates formaldehyde, a specific VOC often found in cabinets, as a carcinogen.

“Our research team scoured the industry and concluded that Koch is the only manufacturer in America that successfully produces high quality, environmentally friendly cabinetry that is traditionally styled to meet the demand of the average homeowner,” said Cherokee Senior Director Jonathan Philips.  “Koch and Potters Mill epitomize the concept of ‘mainstream green.’ The cabinets have an attractive and traditional, raised panel finish yet they still are constructed with renewable materials and in a way to provide beautiful finishes without toxic offgassing.”

The cabinets were designed and installed by Potters Mill Design, a company which is dedicated to green building and refuses to use any toxic glue in installation.  Through intelligent craftsmanship, Potters Mill is also able to reduce its construction waste by nearly 10 percent, as compared to typical cabinet design/installation companies.  This environmentally conscious design saves raw materials, reduces costs, lessens the burden on our landfills and contributes to healthy indoor air quality in the home. 

“Potters Mill prides itself in aesthetically pleasing designs of eco-friendly products such as cabinetry, to prove that sustainable products can be appealing to everyone,” said Emilio Conciatorri, owner of Potters Mill.  “We were excited to be able to participate in this joint venture with Koch Cabinetry, who has a product that fits perfectly with our corporate goals of taking sustainability to the mainstream.”

Assuring that the GreenHome meets a visually appealing design throughout, special cabinet hardware manufactured by Galleria Hardware Décor was also installed. Galleria brings fashion-forward designs in the industry's most innovative finishes, also without using formaldehyde. Galleria offers 81 items, spanning 10 distinct design styles and finish options to enable consumers to create a unique look to compliment their personal style. 

Cherokee is the world leader in the sustainable revitalization of environmentally impaired properties.  Construction of the company’s showcase GreenHome is in the latter half of completion in Raleigh, N.C. 

Cherokee’s GreenHome is the first home in the nation known to be built in a typical subdivision under the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) Model Green Home Building Guidelines and is just one of three green homes in the nation known to meet such guidelines. In addition, the home will be certified with the Environmental Protection Agency/ US Department of Energy (EPA/DOE) Energy Star Program and the North Carolina Solar Center’s Healthy Built Homes state program, among others.

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