Alternative transportation choices

  • Drive less and bike/walk more.
    • Vehicles are responsible for approximately 20% of the annual greenhouse gas emissions in the United States.
  • Travel by train or bus instead of airplane when available.
  • Purchase a car with the highest gas mileage available.
    • Plug-in hybrid vehicles will likely be available in three to four years, allowing cars to exceed 100 miles per gallon.  By using alternative energy for a home, plugging these cars in to the electrical socket at night for battery recharging can shift a car's fuel source from gasoline to home- or grid-supplied renewable energy. 
  • Always keep your tires properly inflated to achieve the highest gas mileage possible.
  • Refrain from changing speeds dramatically or jack-rabbit starts to avoid wasting gas.
  • Carpool whenever possible.
    • Approximately 8%-10% of Americans carpool, and doing so can reduce individual fuel consumption substantially while freeing up congested roadways.