Financial Benefits

Energy costs

With rising energy and electricity costs and the negative impacts associated with coal burning, nuclear power generation and other sources of conventional energy, the private and social costs of providing energy to a traditional home can be extraordinary. The GreenHome™ is designed to reduce heating and cooling costs by approximately 75% when compared to conventional home costs. A ground source heat pump utilizes the earth’s stable year-round temperature of approximately 60o F at this site as a heat source in the winter and a heat sink in the summer to reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 70%. With the use of other innovative systems such as spray-foam insulation and rigid foam insulation, high-performance doors and ENERGY STAR windows, a sealed crawl space, ENERGY STAR appliances, a 10-kilowatt solar panel and an under-roof solar thermal system, the need for fossil fuel- or nuclear-based grid-supplied energy is significantly reduced. Electricity costs in the GreenHome are further reduced through the use of compact fluorescent lighting, LED lights, ENERGY STAR appliances, and extensive daylighting.

Water costs

Water bills for green home residents are also significantly less than those of traditional homeowners. The GreenHome™ has a goal of reducing water use by at least 50% compared to a conventional home. The plumbing system includes low-flow toilets and rainwater is captured and reused for landscape irrigation, toilets and the washing machine. These features significantly lessen water consumption and reduce water and sewer bills.

Upkeep expenses

The GreenHome™ is constructed with superior, long-lasting materials that require less upkeep and costly home maintenance. The GreenHome™ is also landscaped with indigenous vegetation that requires little maintenance and virtually no irrigation. Some systems, such as the whole-house water filters, will require more maintenance than a home without the system, but the time and money required are insignificant compared to the added health benefits.