The Mainstream GreenHome™ is equipped with environmentally friendly features and designs for healthy living, making its systems, technologies and products suitable for other homes across the country. Green features provide all the modern comforts, conveniences, and architectural aesthetics that consumers expect. These features fit within the five nationally accepted categories of green building:

  • Site and Landscape
  • Materials
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Indoor Air

Features of the GreenHome include appropriate site selection, footprint minimization, sustainable material use, energy efficiency, renewable energy, water efficiency, water quality and indoor air quality. The GreenHome uses a range of strategies, products and technological innovations and considers each of these five green building categories in an integrated and whole systems-oriented design to minimize impact on the environment without sacrificing comfort. Although some of these technologies may be financially unrealistic for a single residential project, economies of scale in large developments can eliminate prohibitive costs and make green home ownership mainstream and affordable.

The Mainstream GreenHome has partnered with national homebuilding associations, building science organizations and manufacturers to demonstrate the benefits of green building.

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